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First Impression Counts!



We offer proven stage design experience and the inventory to create the stage of your dreams. Our event stages and portable stages are tailored for
your unique event. Concert stages can feature integrated loading platforms for trailers, event stages can be any size, shape, or configuration.


Planning an Event?


We are proud to offer a vast selection of audio visual services to accommodate your needs. We specialize in corporate events such as trade shows, business meetings, dinners & banquets, exhibits, presentations, and demonstrations. We will consult with you during the whole process, even if you’re not exactly sure what you want or need, whether it’s a small scale meeting or a large show. Call us for your next event, you won’t be disappointed!


Quality Photos Are Key to Marketing


Photography for promoting products and services is not an easy task. We provide experienced and skilled photographers, who help in providing the clients with appealing photography for their advertising purposes. Advertising Photography, provided by us, is undertaken in a reliable and well-equipped studio. Our advanced studio and equipment help us to deliver quality pictures at a competitive rate. We have cost-effective printing and designing equipment, which helps us to render crisp and clear photographs for your advertising needs. Our aim is to attain a high level of customer satisfaction.


Our Photography Services include:
  • Product Photography
  • Retail Photography
  • Fashion Photography
  • Food Photography
  • Real Estate Photography
  • Portraiture Photography

Brand your Brand!

Brand identity is everything. A strong brand is a great visual asset. So don’t conform and waste time being generic, bland, and forgettable.


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Brand Identity Design

A Brand is more than just a logo, but your logo, typography, colors, and strapline are still very important elements of your brand — they will often be the first aspects of your brand a client sees, whether that be on the side of a van, on the home page of your website or on a banner. If you want to build a successful business, your brand identity cannot be an afterthought.





Logos are important

If you think of any of the great brands, the first thing to leap to mind is likely to be an aspect of their brand design — Coke’s looping white on red script, Nike’s dynamic swoosh, Apple’s partially munched apple, Ferrari’s prancing horse.



ffk-1               active-logo-                jewls-4-me-square-logo               cinco de mayo logoUnknown copy5kOFC-logo-600px



Our brand services include:

We all know relationships are important…


We offer the following services:


  • Media relations
  • Suppliers/vendors relationships
  • Top talent relationships
  • Government Agencies relationships



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