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What kinds of Stories?

We use a wide range of storytelling techniques and media channels to communicate your brand:


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  • Websites and microsites that promote what your business does, and how it does it.
  • Graphic design in the form of print ads, brochures, flyers, etc. that you use to promote your business to prospective clients and customers.
  • Animations and narrative videos that explain your products, solutions and services.
  • Video case studies in which your clients and customers tell the story of their own experiences.
  • Content marketing in the form of blog posts, case studies, guides and reports. To learn more, visit our Marketing page.
  • Social media that shares content of value across your networks.
  • PR in the form of press releases and special features.

Brand Identity Design

A Brand is more than just a logo, but your logo, typography, colors, and strapline are still very important elements of your brand — they will often be the first aspects of your brand a client sees, whether that be on the side of a van, in the home page of your website or on a banner. If you want to build a successful business, your brand identity cannot be an afterthought.





Logos are important

If you think of any of the great brands, the first thing to leap to mind is likely to be an aspect of their brand design — Coke’s looping white on red script, Nike’s dynamic swoosh, Apple’s partially munched apple, Ferrari’s prancing horse.

Well, that level of visual recognition is not confined to the big global brands, small businesses can have it too —

Even in your local high street, having a brand image recognisable half way down the road will pay dividends.



ffk-1               active-logo-                jewls-4-me-square-logo               cinco de mayo logo


Designing logos isn’t easy

Designing a truly effective brand mark is not always quick and easy. Sure, you can ask your neighbour’s seventeen year-old who is good art if they could knock something together, but creating a strong brand identity requires more than artistic skill.

Brand identity design is about understanding what a business wants to achieve, what values it wants to communicate, the company’s target markets, considering cultural and geographic sensibilities, knowing how to use colour to trigger ideas and emotions, and the bringing all those things together in one design.

Designing a strong brand identity is complex — but if you get it right, it will stand the test of time and provide the strong foundation on which you can build your business.


Good design builds brands — that is why it is such a big part of what we do and why we love it.


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